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Ihr individueller Catering Service für Stuttgart und Umgebung.

I Like Fingerfood Service.


You can find cheap deals that can be ordered as a package.

Party rolls

As a cost-effective highlight for your party of your guests excited we offer our party rolls. The small decorated delicious buns can eat at any party easily and readily dishes.

The rolls fit well among other things, to students Feieren and other parties.

Delivery is available from 50 half bun. From 300 half rolls please get in touch with us so that we can verinbahren a discount.

Select from the following toppings:

  • Salami
  • Cheese
  • Turkey breast
  • Lyon
  • Egg
  • etc.

The starting bid of 52.50 bun costs 50 €. 10 additional rolls cost € 10.50.

Saver Cafe

When Saver obtained by:

  • 1 * Saver 1 (50 half buns)
  • 1 * Savings Offer more rolls (10 half buns)
  • 1 * 6.8L Coffee maker with filters and Cafe powder (including sugar and milk)

For this offer, we charge € 92.90.

Saver Cafe wholemeal

When Saver obtained by:

  • 1 * Saver whole grains (50 half buns in half wholemeal bread)
  • 1 * Savings Offer more rolls (10 half buns in half wholemeal bread)
  • 1 * 6.8L Coffee maker with filters and Cafe powder (including sugar and milk)

For this offer, we charge € 102.90.


The saving offers with Cafe machines we offer to provide you 30 cups (including Saucer and Spoon Cafe) for € 20.90 at. The cups can be booked together with the saving offers with coffee machine.

Finger Food Party:

At the party finger food you get for your party a finger food buffet consisting of:

  • Pancake rolls filled with (different fillings are possible)
    • Turkey
    • Vegetable
  • Cheese Skewers
  • Fruit skewers
  • Meatball skewers
  • Filled Party rolls (is different) with
    • Sausage
    • Cheese
  • Pasta Salad
  • Breadbasket
  • Sheet Cake

For this offer, we compute:

  • At 10 persons: 150 €
  • With 20 people 240 €
  • At 30 persons: 300 €

Other prices on request

Sandwich party:

We are happy to provide for your party sandwiches, select from the following toppings:

  • Tuna
  • Vegetable
  • Sausage
  • Cheese

For the sandwiches we calculate:

  • At 10 persons: 35 €
  • At 20 persons: 60 €
  • At 30 persons: 75 €

Saver 1:

The savings offer 1 consists of 50 half board rolls.

The rolls are plentiful and is simply decorated.

Delivery will be made ​​on disposable trays.

The Saver 1 costs € 55.00.


Saver whole grains:

The savings offer whole grain as the Saver 1, only the half of the rolls can be delivered as whole wheat bun.

The savings offer whole grain costs € 60.00.




Saver additional rolls:

In addition to saving offer, you can order more rolls. With this offer you get 10 additional half board rolls. Select the lining from the list above.

The 10 other buns cost € 11.50.

Saving Offer more whole grain bun:

In addition to saving offers 1 or wholemeal You can order further 10 full-grain bun.

The 10 additional rolls are € 12.50.

All prices are inclusive of VAT and delivery within Stuttgart (up to a distance of 10 km from the registered office).

If you are interested please contact us.